Wednesday, 20 June 2007

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The Fully +45Bhp Adjustable ECU Tuning/Remapping Unit
**New for 2007**

"These Units are Exclusive to us-and not available in shops or anywhere else"

Can be mounted in Engine bay or on dashboard for Easy Access
Can be turned down and up to adjust the power setting
Very Simple to Install with Outstanding Results
Full Adjustable
Great Talking point
Will run along side any other Modifications
Full Assembled Ready to Install
High Bhp & Torque without the Massive Bill

No worry of damaging your Cars Delicate ECU
Ideal for the Fast Approaching Summer Months!

Does not exceed manufactures recommended tolerances

Same Gains as a Full Remap or higher Spec Ecu Replacement
Each Unit is specifically chosen/Programed for your individual make/model from a range of 198 units


Will Fitting this modifacation damage my car in any way? No..Soon as the Unit has been removed your Ecu will carry on with its normal mode,the units are completly safe and do no exceed the manufactures recommended tolerances so no damage can occur.

Will I need specialist or specialist tools to fit this myself?
No specialist or specialist tools are required to fit this modification,and it only takes 10-15 mins,We have sold a large number of these units in the past months and had no one that had difficulty fitting to there vehicle.We are also on hand most hours of the day/night to assist you through the installation or answer any of your

How does this Tuning/Remapping actually work?
The units work in the same way a professionally remapped or higher spec Ecu chip would,they make your spark plugs fire quicker as well as your injectors then slightly advance timing to give a bigger Break horse power output thus giving your vehicle a much more sportier feeling and a noticeable power gain.
Whats different about your Tuning/Remapping Unit and a Higher Spec Ecu chip?
Our units are a lot cheaper in price than buying a professionally Higher spec replacement Ecu chip.Our units can be fitted by yourself at home,within 20 minutes.Also our units have the advantage of been fully adjustable so can be turned up or down depending on what extra power you require and when, ideal if you don't want the extra power 24/7,(eg if you were going on a long journey and wanted to save on fuel,you can just adjust our unit to the lowest setting and your vehicle will carry on with its normal running as if the unit wasn't installed,then when you want that extra gain you simply just adjust the setting to suit your needs.(Best of both worlds really)

Does the Tuning/Remapping Unit require any maintenance?and how long will it last for?
No,,the unit is self contained and does not require any maintenance what so ever-its fully heat/weatherproof and will last a life time.We have not experienced any faults with any of our units but would be more than happy to fix the problem if one ever occurred within your ownership time.
Will this Tuning/Remapping Unit work even though I have other modifications installed?
Yes,,the unit is fully compatible with every modification on the market today and will produce higher levels of Break horse power accordingly if ran along side existing modifications.
What Payment methods do you accept?
We accept all payment methods-PayPal-Personal Cheques-Postal order Etc......
Is this Tuning/Remapping unit available anywhere else?
No,,the tuning/remapping unit is exclusive to us,you wont find this modification available anywhere else
Do you have a website?
We are currently working on a website at this present time,to advertise our tuning/remapping units,as well as creating a place where our customers can upload pictures of there vehicles and chat,You can visit www.performance-motorsport-tuning2007.blogspot.com for more information.

To fit in the Engine bay it takes around 10-15 Min's
To fit in the Dashboard takes around 20-30 Min's

This highly sought after Modification/enhancement is now available to the diesel engine.


Please Don't confuse our units with other modifications forsale on the internet of a similar nature,we have personally tested others and most turned out to be a silly resistor costing no more than a few pence!You are Buying a fully adjustable Tuning/Remapping Unit that is 100% safe and Dyno Proven,also we are the only one selling this modification and you wont find it anywhere else GUARANTEED.just checkout our feedback!

Faster,Smoother More Responsive
Don't settle for your car's performance...Enhance it!


Unleash more Power from your Standard Engine within Minutes!

First of all this Unit/Modification will take you around 10-15 Min's to fit into the Engine bay and around 25-30 mins maybe Less to Fit into Dashboard and requires no real Mechanical Knowledge. There is no Soldering Involved as the Unit is fully assembled, also you wont be asked to drill any holes inside your engine bay or dashboard to install,like some chips/modules require.This Unit comes encased in a weatherproof/HeatProof Abs Enclosure so is fully protected from the elements if you choose to mount under the bonnet.
This Unit will increase acceleration and torque in both Bottom & Top end revs,It works by simply modifying your cars ECU,The unit itself is 100% safe as it stays within the manufactures recommended tolerances so no damage can occour. You will feel the increase of power instantly after fitting and this can be altered accordingly (High - Low - Normal) .Same gains as a full Remap or higher spec ECU replacment.
Each unit is chosen specifically for your vehicle from a range of 198 different units.

You will notice:

  • Higher top end speeds
  • Faster 0-60 and 1/2 mile
  • Quicker throttle response
  • Smoothened flat spots
  • Has been known to Increase Mpg for better fuel economy-This varies Dependant upon on make/model and most important engine size
  • All round More Sportier Feeling
  • Added value

There are some selling chip's/modules on ebay for £29.99-£99.99 and others selling cheap imatations for Penny's,claiming they add the same bhp and torque as our adjustable tuning/remapping units(THEY DON'T).Please our units have been personally tested on the specific vehicle by ourselves before offering them for-sale to you the public,and we personally think there Excellent Value for Money....We wouldnt have it any other way!

What you will Receive:

Fully Assembled Adjustable ECU Tuning/Remapping Unit specifically for your make/model of vehicle. Ready for Installing in your Desired position(whether it be in the Engine bay or on the Dashboard for easy Access)

Proffesional Connector Blocks for a tidy and simple Install

Weather Proof Ties to tidy away any Loose Wires

Easy to Follow Proffesional 4 page instruction manual with various illustrations and pictures

Delivered in Weather proof packaging

Full Support from us here at Performance-Motorsport-Tuning,We are on hand most hours day and night if you have any questions/Queries or are unsure about anything.

The Unit's will run along side all other modifications and produce higher levels of Bhp/Torque Accordingly.

The advantages of installing the Adjustable ECU Tuning/Remapping Unit is that you choose when you want to increase power,For example if you were going on a along journey and didn't want your car to consume a large amount of petrol on the way you just turn the chips knob down to so its facing the bottom of the module and your car will carry on running as it did before you Installed it.Then if you want More Power you just turn it up accordingly...Its that Simple!Ideal if you want to add that Sporty Feeling to your Family/Track or Modified Car.

...Simply just Plug in and Play...
Full Professional Instruction manual and hardware supplied with Every Tuning/Remapping Unit.


To visit our Ebay store click on this link:


If you don't see your specific make/model listed please send us a question via the "ask seller a question link" and we'll check see if we have one to fit.We are online most hours day and night and aim to reply in no less than 12 hour's.
We accept all payment methods but prefer to use PayPal as this means we can dispatch your item sooner,For more details on using PayPal go to www.paypal.com
it's free to sign up for an account.

We aim to dispatch items within 2-3 days after receiving payment-but we sometimes have a backlog of units so please allow upto 5 working days to receive your item.

Will post Worldwide for £3.95 (Airmail)
Uk - £2.45
Uk - Recorded (insured) - £3.50

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